Ms. Joanna Dickison

Miss D 2023

CyberFoundations 1





Cyber Foundations I is an innovative instructional program that prepares students to effectively use technology in learning, communication, life, and introduces them to the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills used in computing which is impacting every career field.

About Me/Experience

My name is Joanna Dickison, and I will be your Cyber Foundations teacher for the 2023-24 school year. I graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2000. I earned my first Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2016, and my second Masters's Degree from the same school in May 2018. This coming year will be my 24rd year teaching, and 22 of those years have been here at OBMS. I look forward to getting to know you and your student this year.



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Grading Policies

  • Students have sufficient time to finish all classwork during their class time if they remain on task.  Therefore, we follow a very strict late work policy.  All work assigned for the week is due one week after the assignment was given.  If something is not completed in that week, they will be given a 1 in the gradebook.  The student has one more week to make up that work with the late grade of a 65.  Any work not completed by the second week will be given a 0 and will not receive any credit. Note: in our edutyping course, all lessons must be completed in order, therefore, if your student falls behind, they may be completing work that will not receive credit. It is incredibly important that students keep up with their lessons.
  • Lab work missed due to absence can be made up during class if time permits. The computer labs will also be available during study hall time for makeup work. You must plan with your regularly scheduled teacher if you need to come during study hall. If class time and study hall time does not work for making up work, it is your responsibility to talk to the teacher about making other arrangements. It is VERY important to make up all missed work.
  • If a student is not keeping up and needs extra time in Edutyping students can arrange to come during their elective classes or designated after school times. The times will be announced when I see that they are needed. All other work can be completed at home (except edutyping lessons) if not finished in class.