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5.2.3 HW

5-47. Ariyonne claims that (3, 6) is the point of intersection of the lines = 4x − 2 and y =                          x + 5.  Is she correct?  How do you know?



5-48. Graph the lines y = 2x − 3 and y = −x + 3. 





a. Where do they intersect?  Label the point on the graph.


b. Find the point of intersection using the Equal Values Method.  That is, start by combining both equations into one equation that you can solve for  x


c. Which method is easier, graphing or using algebra to solve?


5-49. Solve for the variable. 

a.                                     b.



5-50. Graph the lines y = 2x − 3 and y = 2x + 1.





a. Where do they intersect?


b. Solve this system using the Equal Values Method.


c. Explain how your graph and algebraic solution relate to each other.  


5-51. Janelle came to bat 464 times in 131 games.  At this rate, how many times should she expect to have at bat in a full season of 162 games?