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5.2.1 HW

5-27. To ride to school, Elaine takes 7 minutes to ride 18 blocks.  What is her unit rate (blocks per minute)?  Assuming she rides at a constant speed, how long should it take her to go 50 blocks?  Justify your answer.



5-28. Gale and Leslie are riding in a friendly 60-mile bike race that started at noon.  The graph at right represents their progress so far.


a. What does the intersection of the two lines represent?

b. At approximately what time did Leslie pass Gale? 

c. About how far had Leslie traveled when she passed Gale? 

d. What do you think happened to Gale between 1:30 and 3:00? 

e. If Leslie continues at a steady pace, when will she complete the race? 




5-29.  Write an equation (rule) for each of the x→ tables below.  Then, on one set of axes, use each rule to graph.

a.                  b.




5-30. Translate each part below from symbols into words or from words into symbols. 

a. −y + 8                                  b. 2x – 48                       c. (x + 3)2



d. The opposite of six times the square of a number.


e. A number multiplied by itself, then added to five.



5-31. Solve each of the following equations for the indicated variable.  Show all of your steps. 

a. y = 2x − 5   for x                                     b. p = −3w + 9  for w


c. 2m − 6 = 4n + 4  for m                                      d. 3x − y = −2y  for y