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This Week in Science 



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Study Guide Answers

1. mass (matter) cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction; it can only be changed

2. 2

3. 2

4. equal/balance

5. 18

6. 25g

7. left

8. right

9. glucose and carbon dioxide

10. carbon dioxide and water

11. good conductors of heat and electricity, malleable, luster, ductile

12. not good conductors of heat and electricity, brittle, dull

13. have properties of both metals and nonmetals

14. Water- H2

     Table salt- NaCl

     Carbon Dioxide- CO2

     Nitrogen Gas- N2

     Hydrogen Gas- H2

     Oxygen Gas- O2

     Sugar/Glucose- C6H1206

15. Periods

16. Groups/Families

17. group/families

18. forming a precipitate, respiration, combustion, rusting

19. changing state of matter or size and shape

20. absorb heat

21. release heat

22. conductive- Allow to pass through

    luster- shiny

    ductile- can be stretched

    malleable- pounded into thin sheets

    valence electron- electrons in the outer shell

    covalent bond- sharing of electrons

    ionic bond- gaining or losing electrons