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For the examples and ideas to help you brainstorm for your All About Me PowerPoint Presentation, please visit the Handouts section of my website.

Welcome to Miss Dickison's Website!


This website will be used as a tool of communication about upcoming assignments, tests, projects, and events.

If you'd like to contact me, you may email me at or call the school at 662-895-4610. I love meeting parents, so keep in mind that you are always welcome to set up a conference to discuss your student's progress!



 Everfi Codes: Please make sure you have added all courses and are completing them.


2nd Period: d373dad3

4th Period: 3cba3187

5th Period: f0eceae3

6th Period: c567aa5b

7th Period: 6bed76f3

8th Period: 3db086a0



2nd Period: 71eff76f

4th Period: b9b0c492

5th Period: 74efa408

6th Period: 4555117e

7th Period: 3ccb680e

8th Period: 911309be


Future Goals (Science and Math):

2nd Period: f4614707

4th Period: 20a36fc6

5th Period: 99900946

6th Period: 4adee340

7th Period: 6e036e94

8th Period: 4173dec7



2nd Period: d5ea7036

4th Period: 90187220

5th Period: fc53a6af

6th Period: f5da49f7

7th Period: 4a80125a

8th Period:5002c678



2nd Period: c5b0cfee

4th Period: 10be5fd9

5th Period: 886ea0c6

6th Period: a9cc285d

7th Period: addc3e54

8th Period: 30f16d99


Character Playbook:

2nd Period: 04480901

4th Period: dbfd719b

5th Period: 8c8fbb1a

6th Period: cd69ecfd

7th Period: df4f7f21

8th Period: 164f104f



2nd Period: 0ec8b519

4th Period: 596f2ecc

5th Period: 722cb6b8

6th Period: 47491212

7th Period: 9461bd2a

8th Period: 5368b7bd




If you'd like to receive Remind notifications via text message, please follow these directions. These messages are used to remind students and parents about due dates and school events. Simply send "@dtech1718" (without quotation marks) to the number 81010.



Students who are absent need to look at the calendar to see what they missed. Homework can be found in the "Handouts" section, and notes from PowerPoints can be found in the "Presentations" section.



Miss D is currently reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.



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