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Other Class Info

CPM (Math Book) Student Logins  
Below is each student's Username and Login to have access to an online version of our math book. Here they can access homework help for all their math problems and use other CPM Resources for extra practice.
Emmori Andrews
Username: ea1
Password: 4064
JaNisha Banks
Username: jb1
Password: 6502
Kolby Bell
Username: kb1
Password: 5536
Dedrica Brown
Username: db1
Password: 4415
Kavarion Buford
Username: kb2
Password: 4949
Benjamin Burks
Username: bb1
Password: 5467
Hayleigh Carbone
Username: hc1
Password: 3531
Cadence Colburn
Username: cc1
Password: 2343
Connor Daltow
Username: cd1
Password: 1464
Kailin Dodson
Username: kd1
Password: 7090
Jacob Dorning
Username: jd1
Password: 2808
Gabriel Eales
Username: ge1
Password: 3934
Macie Edwards
Username: me1
Password: 6116
Alexis Elrod
Username: ae1
Password: 3150
Collin Embrey
Username: ce1
Password: 4434
Nicholas Erves
Username: ne1
Password: 2491
David Gray
Username: dg1
Password: 3730
Zackary Haskins
Username: zh1
Password: 9121
Kevin Hauman
Username: kh1
Password: 4240
Daeshawn Heath
Username: dh1
Password: 1803
Eric Hill
Username: eh1
Password: 7753
M'Kyia Hodges
Username: mh1
Password: 7055
Mylah Hughes
Username: mh2
Password: 9708
Haylee Ingram
Username: hi1
Password: 8103
Kaitlyn James
Username: kj1
Password: 3354
Alexis Johnson
Username: aj2
Password: 2159
Addie Johnson
Username: aj1
Password: 5487
Kasen Keel
Username: kk1
Password: 1512
Kaylyn Kelly
Username: kk2
Password: 8251
Brianna Kidd
Username: bk1
Password: 8271
Isabella Lavergne
Username: il1
Password: 1818
Lizzie Lewers
Username: ll1
Password: 7191
Brendalee Lopez
Username: bl1
Password: 1757
Dillon Mattison
Username: dm1
Password: 4542
Mariah Moore
Username: mm1
Password: 4299
Shakira Murphy
Username: sm1
Password: 1744
Tatum Myers
Username: tm1
Password: 3056
Tralyn Oliver
Username: to1
Password: 5473
Rhema Pegues
Username: rp1
Password: 2470
Taylor Pierce
Username: tp1
Password: 3960
Jacob Pugh
Username: jp1
Password: 7992
Tennail Richard
Username: tr1
Password: 4719
Corneilious Richard
Username: cr1
Password: 2777
Rashad Rodgers
Username: rr1
Password: 3188
Marquel Sharp
Username: ms1
Password: 8007
Nicole Sparrow
Username: ns1
Password: 9315
Gabriel Spencer
Username: gs1
Password: 5836
James Spichalsky
Username: js1
Password: 9793
Isabelle Stirek
Username: is1
Password: 3093
Joey Watkins
Username: jw1
Password: 4221
Jazmine Williams
Username: jw2
Password: 4968
Darren Wilson
Username: dw1
Password: 8231
Laila Wright
Username: lw1
Password: 2509