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Class Expectations

Class Expectations  

Be Prompt

Be Prepared

Be Positive

Be Productive

Be Polite






Entering procedure


            Come in quietly and sit in your assigned seat. Get out all supplies and have homework out on your desk. Begin working on bell work. Bell work will be turned in on Fridays for a class work grade.




Group work procedure


            Much of our class work will be done in pairs or groups. When working together, treat everyone with respect. All group members must participate and all conversation must stay on task.




Exiting procedure                


            The bell does not dismiss you from class; it is a reminder for the teacher to stop teaching. Mrs. Bray will dismiss the class when all materials are put away and the class is calm.




Bathroom procedure


            Bathroom breaks will only be given for medical emergencies unless you have a bathroom pass. You will receive 2 passes per 9 weeks which can be turned in for extra credit if not used at the end of each 9 weeks. If you do have a medical reason for frequent bathroom breaks, please make sure a doctor’s note is on file with the school.




Homework procedure


            Most homework problems with be completed in class during normal classwork time.  However, if a student does not finish they will be expected to finish at home and turn it in at the beginning of class the next day.  Late homework is not accepted




Make-up work procedure


            If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain the make-up work. The class calendar will tell you what lesson you missed. See Mrs. Bray for any handouts you may need to complete the lesson. You have as many days as you missed to make up your work with a maximum of 5 days. For example: if you miss one day, you have one day to make up the work.






Late Work


            All work should be completed during class time. Therefore, late work is not accepted, and any work not turned in by the due date will result in a zero.



Quality of work

              It is expected that students show all of their work for all math problems; you will not receive credit for problems where no work is shown.  Work should be neat and oranized so that it is easily read.  Finally, your name should be on every paper you turn in; failure to do so may result in a zero.





            You are expected to follow all classroom procedures and school rules at all times. When you choose not to follow them, you are choosing these consequences:


            1st offense: verbal warning


            2nd offense: student/teacher conference


            3rd offense: lunch detention and parent contact


            4th offense: after school detention and parent contact


            5th offense: office referral


Each offense will be documented on Mrs. Bray’s clipboard







           Classwork/Quizzes: 35%


            Tests: 40%


            Homework: 15%


            9 weeks test: 10%


Graded assignments will be kept in a file. Students/parents may request to see the file at any time, but all items must be returned.