First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for the well wishes! I feel very loved! I have had some complications with the pregnancy, but the babies are doing well -- thank goodness! If everything goes well, I should be back on November 1st.


Secondly, I need to take a minute and discuss the recent test on Part I of Legend. I teach 70 students, and of those 70, only 8 or 9 passed the test. This is unacceptable. I understand that I am not there; however, the substitute, Mrs. Connell, is a certified sub and has a degree to teach English. It is why I chose her to cover my class while I am out. 

I still approve every assignment that is given out. They are the SAME things we would be doing if I was there. Mrs. Noel, another 7th grade English teacher, calls me and texts me several times a day and keeps me up-to-date. She also brings me assignments to be graded -- I am currently grading the argument essays you wrote last week. 

Please make sure you are reading and completing the work assigned as it does come from me! These are not free weeks, and the grades will continue to be added to the gradebook as is. 


Thirdly, I would like to discuss behavior. I have been hearing some concerning things regarding behavior, and I have seen more and more of my students' names pop up in ALC. Mrs. Connell does have the ability to give lunch detention, after school detention, and write-ups, so PLEASE make sure you are on your BEST behavior! 


Now just for some miscellaneous items:

1. I will be refunding the $6 to those of you who wanted to purchase a Legend book. 

2. I am still ordering the Scholastic book orders, but I will not be able to hand these out until I return.

3. Per administration, all teachers had to turn off the feature from Remind that allows parents to contact us through the app. If you need to get ahold of me, please leave a message with the main office, and I will give you a call. 

4. I have graded your 9 weeks tests, and you will get those back this week. 


Thank you! 


Remind 101  

Remind is a very useful tool that allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate about class assignments and activities just like a text message. A few wonderful things about this are that I cannot see you or your child's cell phone number, and you cannot see mine, but we can communicate easily! Parents will receive the same announcements as the student!


Please sign up for my Remind! I use this very often!

2/3 Period: @dkekdg

4/5 Period: @bgbbb4

7/8 Period: @b9kfdgk


Whichever class your child is in, text that code to the number 81010. Remember to put the @ symbol in front of the code, or it will not work!


Once you have signed up, it will text back asking for your name and whether you are a student or a parent. Please respond to these messages.

Correct E-mail Address  

The e-mail address listed on my website is incorrect. I am working on getting that fixed. My correct e-mail is chelsea.wilkins@dcsms.org.




Supply list/Student information sheet  

Please fill out and return the student information sheet to me! This sheet allows me to get in touch with parents/guardians in the event that the computers do not work. Thank you!


Also, I have given the students a supply list! If your child brings in anything from the "Wish List," he/she will be rewarded with his/her choice of candy or a patio pass!