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WW2 project  

Scrapbook/Power Point Project

You may create a paper or digital scrapbook or a Power Point presentation for this project. For a scrapbook, all pictures may be printed at the school. The embellishments and sheet protectors are up to you. This project will have five sections with each having a title page or title slide. The sections are leaders, places, battles, concentration camps, and symbols. The student must do 100% of the work. If I find out a parent, sibling, or friend does any of it, you will receive a zero on your report card. You may have help in getting the supplies but not the actual work.

LEADERS                                                                                                                              PLACES

Franklin D. Roosevelt                                                                                                     Pearl Harbor

Harry S. Truman                                                                                                                Iwo Jima

Adolf Hitler                                                                                                                         Hiroshima

General Hideki Tojo                                                                                                        Nagasaki

Josef Stalin                                                                                                                         Poland

Benito Mussolini                                                                                                              Normandy

Winston Churchill                                                                                                             Guadalcanal

Dwight D. Eisenhower                                                                                                   Bataan                                 

General Douglas MacArthur


BATTLES                                                                                                                               CONCENTRATION CAMPS

Operation Overlord                                                                                                        Dachau

Battle of Guadalcanal                                                                                                     Auschwitz

Battle of Moscow                                                                                                            Treblinka

Battle of Midway                                                                                                             Belzec

Battle of Barbarossa                                                                                                       Gross-Rosen

Battle of Stalingrad                                                                                                          Sachsenhausen

Pearl Harbor



Nazi Hammer and sword

Kilroy was Here

Iron Cross                                                                            V as in Victory (during ww2)

Roundel                                                                               Rosie the Riveter

Star of David


Power Point Tips

All background, font design, and transitions need to be the same. Make sure the letters and the background contrast, for example, navy and white.

You must have title slides for leaders, places, battles, concentration camps, and symbols. The titles need to be as large as you can make them.

You need at least one picture for each slide except the title slides.

If you use bullets, you must use two or more, never just one. Make your sentences short. The less words, the better.

Everything on a slide must be clear and easy to see and read. Make sure you do not use blurry pictures.

You may insert videos 2 minutes or less in your Power Point.


Project Tips

When writing about the places that are battle sites also, stick with information about the place and not the actual battle. For example, the population at the time, description of the land and the people. How far away is it from America? What continent?

When writing about battles, include everything about the battle. You will want to include statistics. Who were the generals or leaders? Casualties? Importance of winning the battle? Tactics?


Leaders---interesting, unusual facts


Concentration camps—country, type, statistics, description of camp, clear pictures

Symbols---clear picture, meaning, who used it, history of the symbol


The scrapbooks may contain parts of handouts that I give you in class, such as pictures.





This project will be due on the day you have Spotlight the week of November 16th. So, Tuesday’s class—Nov. 17th, Wednesday’s class—Nov. 18th, Thursday’s class—Nov. 19th, and Friday’s class—Nov. 20th.




OB t-shirts  

OB t-shirts are for sale now. $15.00 for short sleeve; $17.00 for long sleeve.   Every student received an order form.  If you have any questions, please call me at 662-895-4610.

National World War II Museum Field Trip  

The Spotlight students and their parents will have the opportunity to go to New Orleans to visit the National World War II Museum.  We will leave on Thursday, November 12th and return on Friday, November 13th.  Each student was given an informative letter.  The money is due on Friday, September 25th.  Other forms will be sent home with the students who pay to go on this trip.  Due to limited space, siblings will not be able to go on this trip.